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    Inside the folder I have all the nice things anyone on here or skype or omegle has told me and I click through it when I am upset like tonight: 


    Like when Zhelly started following me or


    When I make you guys cry :D (I am evil) or even when you guys threaten to spank me: 


    I save a lot of stuff I have almost 60 things sceencapped and saved in that folder and even more hoarded away in my inbox so I just kind of want to thank you guys. You are all really awesome and I love you <3

    1. silverbit said: Hahah I remember that xD
    2. blood-suits-and-tears said: omg, there’s me?! asdfghjkl and you just made me tear up; but i’m glad if it helps
    3. halfling-angel said: this is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen! what a nice idea!
    4. starryvibes said: omg ;w; im glad to see im not the only person with a folder like that..
    5. bendydicky posted this

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