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I have a folder. This Folder is called "Click here when sad" | This is Not My BLOG!

This is Not My BLOG!

I am Birdie! I am a Hufflepuff Mormorian. I post about Richard and Jim Moriarty. Those two are my life. Jim Moriarty and Sebastian Moran also take up most of the space in my brain. Most of my work is unedited and I am sorry. Please don't be afraid to send me messages or requests. (I am an asshole and it may take me forever but eventually it'll get done.)

New Fandoms:

This blog is NSFW on occasion but I tag everything that is even sort of pornish under NSFW, Porn, and Dicks in case you want to block them ;) but why would you wanna do such a thing :D

* If you need me to tag other things let me now. *


Inside the folder I have all the nice things anyone on here or skype or omegle has told me and I click through it when I am upset like tonight: 


Like when Zhelly started following me or


When I make you guys cry :D (I am evil) or even when you guys threaten to spank me: 


I save a lot of stuff I have almost 60 things sceencapped and saved in that folder and even more hoarded away in my inbox so I just kind of want to thank you guys. You are all really awesome and I love you <3

  1. silverbit said: Hahah I remember that xD
  2. blood-suits-and-tears said: omg, there’s me?! asdfghjkl and you just made me tear up; but i’m glad if it helps
  3. halfling-angel said: this is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen! what a nice idea!
  4. sailorrfuku said: omg ;w; im glad to see im not the only person with a folder like that..
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