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Asexual, Panromantic, female pronouns, 19 yo


Her lips were soft and tasted of manufactured cherry. There was no rough stubble to catch on Sebastian’s skin. He had watched her dancing. She had a childish lure in her hip swings and a way of batting her eye lashes so the strobe lights flickered off her green orbs. She bought him a drink. He loved when they did that. So daring and willing for any attention.

"Suck me." He demanded as he shoved the late teen down on her knees in a back alley.  He didn’t catch her name but it wasn’t important. She was just a one time thing. She sucked like a whore- much like a different slut he knew. That slut was better. Jim was always better. But Jim was an ass.


"You’re mine." Jim growled from his chair in the living room. Sebastian was barely through the front door and already he wanted to leave.

"Actually, I just work for you. I’m not, ‘yours’." Something smashed against the wall. He needed more booze. "Call me once you’re calmed down. Can’t take your shit."

Jim came stumbling out of the living room and if Sebastian had taken a second to look at his boss-sometimes-lover he would have noticed the man’s red puffy eyes. The kind someone got after crying for too long. The kind a person got once they stopped being mad at themselves and started to get mad at everyone else. “If you leave you wont be allowed back.”


"If you walk out of my door, Moran, and you go find another whore to get off with then that’s it. I will no longer need you in my services."

"So you’re saying if I leave this stupid apartment you are going to kill me?" Jim looked taken back for a second, it was one of the first moments where the harsh business facade he wore fell in front of Sebastian.

"Would that make you stay?"


"Then no! Get out! I don’t want you anymore! You bore me!"

Sebastian stood in the arch of the door, jacket half pulled around his shoulders and watched as Jim started flinging keys, his cell phone, jackets and whatever else he could find that he could lift and through at his old employee. It wasn’t like him. He didn’t loose his temper. “What the fuck is wrong with you! Why are you doing this!”

"Who was she?" Jim screamed, teeth gritting against each other. "Just some whore! You’re mine Sebastian. Other people aren’t allowed to touch you like that!"

"Wha-She was just a person. I’m allowed to have sex with people."

"You have sex with me!" Sebastian froze and looked down at the angry dark haired man noticing finally the tears rolling down his cheeks.

"You’re crying."

"Shut up. Get out. I hate you." Sebastian sighed and shrugged off his coat, letting it fall to the pile of debris at his feet. "No. Get out!"

"I’m not leaving. I-I’m not leaving you. I didn’t know."

"You don’t know anything. I don’t want you Moran. I’m bored of you. Boring. Ordinary." Sebastian didn’t listen. He pulled Jim into a hug and let him cry against his chest. He hadn’t known. He was sorry. "You aren’t allowed to let other people touch you."

"They wont."

"You’re mine."


"Strip." Sebastian smiled and pressed a kiss against Jim’s lips.

"Of course boss."

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