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This is Not My BLOG!

This is Not My BLOG!

I am Birdie! I am a Hufflepuff Mormorian. I post about Richard and Jim Moriarty. Those two are my life. Jim Moriarty and Sebastian Moran also take up most of the space in my brain. Most of my work is unedited and I am sorry. Please don't be afraid to send me messages or requests. (I am an asshole and it may take me forever but eventually it'll get done.)

New Fandoms:

This blog is NSFW on occasion but I tag everything that is even sort of pornish under NSFW, Porn, and Dicks in case you want to block them ;) but why would you wanna do such a thing :D

* If you need me to tag other things let me now. *

So guys…. I think I might be leaving tumblr because I just don’t like how much time I spend on the site. I might come back during summer boredom when I can write and be active again but for now I will be gone for about three weeks. My skype is rodney_riot fee free to add me there so we can talk though during finals I won’t be on much. If I do wind up leaving permanently I will leave my blog/writings up.

Love you all.  


Send me a number and two characters - get a drabble.

  1. Introduction
  2. Love
  3. Light
  4. Dark
  5. Seeking Solace
  6. Break Away
  7. Heaven
  8. Innocence
  9. Drive
  10. Breathe Again
  11. Memory
  12. Insanity
  13. Misfortune
  14. Smile
  15. Silence
  16. Questioning
  17. Blood
  18. Rainbow
  19. Gray
  20. Cookies
  21. Vacation
  22. Mother Nature
  23. Cat
  24. Orly?
  25. Trouble Lurking
  26. Tears
  27. Foreign
  28. Sorrow
  29. Happiness
  30. Under the Rain
  31. Flowers
  32. Night
  33. Expectations
  34. Stars
  35. Hold My Hand
  36. Precious Treasure
  37. Eyes
  38. Abandoned
  39. Dreams
  40. Rated
  41. Teamwork
  42. Standing Still
  43. Dying
  44. Two Roads
  45. Illusion
  46. Family
  47. Creation
  48. Childhood
  49. Stripes
  50. Breaking the Rules
  51. Sport
  52. Deep in Thought
  53. Keeping a Secret
  54. Tower
  55. Waiting
  56. Danger Ahead
  57. Sacrifice
  58. Kick in the Head
  59. No Way Out
  60. Rejection
  61. Fairy Tale
  62. Magic
  63. Do Not Disturb
  64. Multitasking
  65. Horror
  66. Traps
  67. Playing the Melody
  68. Hero
  69. Annoyance
  70. 67%
  71. Obsession
  72. Mischief Managed
  73. I Can’t
  74. Are You Challenging Me?
  75. Mirror
  76. Broken Pieces
  77. Test
  78. Drink
  79. Starvation
  80. Words
  81. Pen and Paper
  82. Can You Hear Me?
  83. Heal
  84. Out Cold
  85. Spiral
  86. Seeing Red
  87. Food
  88. Pain
  89. Through the Fire
  90. Triangle
  91. Drowning
  92. All That I Have
  93. Give Up
  94. Last Hope
  95. Advertisement
  96. In the Storm
  97. Safety First
  98. Puzzle
  99. Solitude
  100. Relaxation

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You love that.

I do love that. You hated that!

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My brain is a simple one.

This is beautiful. I want this on a shirt.

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I would watch the hell out of this.

oh boy would i

Hell yeah.




I would watch the hell out of this.

oh boy would i

Hell yeah.

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Special for  <333

OMG I LOVE YOU!!! And I’m loving this thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Childhood, Jim and Sebastian!
bendydicky bendydicky Said:


The dark eyes in the picture stare up at you, as in reproach. The bruises a dark smear of grey across the paper.

“I didn’t mean to…” you say hoarsely.

Jim hasn’t said a word since he saw the folder in your hands.

Age: 8 it says. Immediate action required, the stamp across the page.

“Were you…” You stop.

He shrugs. “No.” He looks up at you and those eyes take you straight back to the child soldiers in Somalia, hard and empty, not a shred of vulnerability left.

“That was later,” he says, and bile rises in your throat.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Jim and Seb - 100 x
bendydicky bendydicky Said:



You’re still not used to taking baths. After eleven years in the army, where communal showers were considered the summit of luxury, having a good long soak is only comparable to sex in terms of physical gratification.

Besides, anyone would consider Jim’s huge marble monstrosity of a bath to be luxurious.

You sink a little deeper, everything below your mouth immersed by water, and Jim runs his hands through your wet hair. “You look like a purring cat,” he says, amused.

You tilt your head back against his chest and sigh happily when he drags his nails over your neck.


Andrew Scott - The Stag

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Is that a British Army Browning L9A1 in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?

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