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This is Not My BLOG!

This is Not My BLOG!

I am Birdie! I am a Hufflepuff Mormorian. I post about Richard and Jim Moriarty. Those two are my life. Jim Moriarty and Sebastian Moran also take up most of the space in my brain. Most of my work is unedited and I am sorry. Please don't be afraid to send me messages or requests. (I am an asshole and it may take me forever but eventually it'll get done.)

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MAKE ME CHOOSE » paullwalkers asked:
↳ Scott and Isaac or Stiles and Isaac

scisaac + scott & isaac’s name, season 3 (featuring isaac’s reaction to it ◡‿◡✿).

it is my only weakness.

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It just keeps…… getting. …. better



It just keeps…… getting. …. better

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SterekScisaac AU: The FBI has sent Agents Lahey and Hale to investigate a pair of grifters who are supposedly operating out of a high school in California. Apparently the fact that Isaac’s a newbie and Derek has impulse control issues means that they get saddled with all of the lame cases. What could possibly be that interesting about a pair of teenage miscreants?

au in which derek waits by isaac’s side hoping that he won’t meet the same fate as his other betas.


“…I die, you live… everything ends.”

"…I’m not a murderer."


ashes: a graphic novel (BBC Sherlock x silent hill crossover)

done with mechanical pencil. A5 each grid. edited in ps.

I’m not giving this up…well, not completely :p

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Before Jim met Sebastian he used drugs to calm his mind when he got too stressed and over exerted. Since Sebastian came into his life he’d managed to get off his addiction with his sniper’s help. But one day he wasn’t around and Jim was on the verge of a breakdown. Sebastian is not pleased when he finds his boss passed out in the living room.

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